Conversion Certificate for Baby Girl/Young Girl

Conversion Certificate for Baby Girl/Young Girl

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A beautiful certificate for the conversion of a baby girl or young girl.
Actual size of the certificate is 8 1/2" x 11".
Design: Risa Aqua, Aqua Studio

Text reads:
Certificate of Conversion

Your people shall be my people, your God shall be my God.
(The Book of Ruth, 1:16)
We welcome into the community of the Jewish people
and under the wings of Shehina
who on _______________/ _________________,
the week when we read the Torah portion ____________,
was brought before us by __________________,
who made a commitment to raise her as a Jew
and to celebrate Jewish tradition in her home and family.
Through the study of Torah, the practice of mitzvot,
and acts of Gemilut Hasadim
may she uphold with loyalty and love the Covenant of the Jewish people:
to become partners with God in the work of creation and in the repair and redemption of the world.
As a sign of entering the covenant, _____________
has been given the name
Representing the Jewish people past, present and future,
we, the members of the Bet Din, welcome her.
May she and the Jewish people be a blessing to each other.

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