Floral Oval Ketubah

Floral Oval Ketubah

Peggy Davis
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Artist: Peggy Davis
The Floral Oval Custom-Print Ketubah brings together the ideas of the unending ring, of hiddur mitzvah, the beautification of a mitzvah, the grapes that produce the wine for the wedding, a symbol of joy, and pomegranates, a symbolic fruit from Eretz Yisrael known for its many seeds.
Included in the price is the option of a verse in one or more languages around the outside of the oval using the same fonts as in the text itself. You may have the Hebrew text only as shown in the example or add another language in the bottom half of the oval's center.
Peggy's Custom-Print Ketubot provide a text in which your names and other details are inserted so the text flows evenly. The Hebrew letters are set in a font created from Peggy's own Hebrew hand-lettering, and the English text from a calligraphic font of her choosing.
The customization of the ketubah with names and other details is included in the price. You will receive an e-mail proof for approval before it is printed and sent. See text choices with magnifier selection tool on left.
You may provide text/s of your own in any languages using Latin, Hebrew or Cyrillic alphabets.
Each ketubah is a giclée print using archival ink and paper, 17" X 22".
Peggy H. Davis began her study of calligraphy in 1980 and has created ketubot, invitations, wall art and more since that time, learning Hebrew lettering from the master artist Ismar David. She works in her studio in Western Massachusetts, where she is also a member of the Wholesale Klezmer band and a Hebrew teacher.

Standard Text Choices

  • Orthodox Aramaic, with or without English text shown
  • Sephardic Orthodox text
  • Conservative text with Lieberman clause,with or without English text shown
  • Egalitarian I, Hebrew and English
  • Egalitarian II, Hebrew and English
  • Reform text
  • Anniversary text
  • Interfaith, Hebrew and English or English only 
$300.00 with standard text selected from the list; includes U.S. shipping
$400.00 with complete text you provide; includes U.S. shipping

Price includes shipping.

If you are based outside of the United States: please contact us at Ritualwell@ritualwell.org to place your order. Do not use the online order form.